Children and Youth

“It   is through Education, even more than by Instruction that Humanity will be   transformed.”
Allan Kardec, The Spirits’ Book

“A   Spiritually Educated Child – will be an adult that will raise itself toward   future happiness.”
Bezerra de Menezes


What is accomplished in the area of children and youth under the name of Spiritist Education is the dissemination of the Spiritist knowledge and the moral teachings given by Jesus, who was appointed by the Superiors Spirits that worked on the codification, as a model of perfection for the whole Humanity. (Kardec, Allan. The Spirits’ Book. Q. 625).


A teaching program containing evangelic moral is the key element utilized in the preparation of our classes. This knowledge is brought to the students through practical situations of life.

The methodology employed has as aim to inspire the students to reflect by themselves and to reach their own conclusions regarding the subjects studied, because this is the only effective way to promote real learning.


  1. Promoting the integration of the student: with oneself, with God and with others;
  2. Providing to the student the study of: the natural law that governs the universe; the nature, origin and destination of the spirits, as well as its relationship with the corporeal world.
  3. Offer to the students the opportunity to understand themselves as: an integral being, critical, participative, heir of oneself, citizen of the universe, agent of the transformation of one’s environment, towards the whole perfection one can achieve” (Curriculum for Spiritist Education for Children and Youth)

We educate with responsability, respect to life, faith in God, care and love to one another, appreciating the opportunities we have received, working constructively, integrating with oneself, others and with God. ((What is Spiritist Education? Fundamental for Spiritist Education for Children and Youth, FEB, 1987).

“Spiritist education is of fundamental importance, since it prepares the human being to its immortality; it not only deals with the fleeting values of this existence, but also addresses the deeper and inner contents of the spiritual being. Currently, Spiritist education is the greatest antidote to materialism and cruelty, as emphasized by Allan Kardec, in a comment to question 685. He states: …This element is education, not intellectual education, but moral education; not moral education through books, but that which consists in the art of forming character; that which creates habits, because education is the sum of acquired habits …” Finally, in the same item, he concludes by saying: “… Disorder and lack of foresight are two sores that only a sound education can heal.” (Divaldo Franco, translated by Jussara Korngold and Fred Gouveia)